28 08, 2016

SEF introduces. Markus.

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This Sunday we introduce Markus Kamleitner, our newest ambassador and responsible for aligning our ideas in what constitutes a social business. 


25 08, 2016

SEF interviews. 1000 Worms.

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Drumroll for David Witzeneder, who tells us about 1000 Worms.


21 08, 2016

SEF introduces. Franziska.

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Meet the SEF Team! Up today: Franziska Graf, aka Fran, who is responsible for brand building, visual content and communications. 


14 08, 2016

SEF introduces. Marc.

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Up today on our Sunday interview is Marc Trebitsch, SEF Ambassador, whose exact role at SEF is still written in the stars. 


11 08, 2016

SEF interviews. Younited Cultures.

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Another interview, another social enterprise: Andra and Younited Cultures.


7 08, 2016

SEF introduces. Jana.

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Meet the SEF Team! Up today: Jana Christina Fälbl, who is responsible for Involvement, Event Coordination and Website Development.


31 07, 2016

SEF introduces. Silvana.

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Meet Silvana Lobin, SEF Ambassador of the first hour, so to speak, who moderated a SEF event and is keeping you updated with the review blogs of our events.


24 07, 2016

SEF introduces. Tine.

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Second SEFster to be introduced is Christine Jama, aka Tine, responsible for our information platform, event coordination, and the numbers.


17 07, 2016

SEF introduces. Stefan.

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Welcome to our summer feature, dear SEFsters: SEF introduces, a set of interviews with the people behind SEF. Why? Because we want to give you an insight into our team, tell you what we are doing during the summer and simply explain why we love SEF.


12 07, 2016

SEF interviews. Peter Vandor on Social Entrepreneurship Education.

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University is where most of us from the SEF Team first heard about social entrepreneurship. Hence, we are very thrilled to have Peter, a real pioneer on the field of social entrepreneurship education in Austria, answering our questions.